Why are these flowers different?

  • These flowers are the most beautiful everlasting silk flowers on the market.  You cannot buy them at your local hobby store.  We urge you to look closely at the photos, we think they look fresh.
  • They are designed and arranged the same way we have been creating bridal designs for 25 years, stem by stem.
  • They are eco-friendly and sustainable because they aren't thrown out in a few days.
  • They make lovely gifts for the bridal party to keep as a remembrance, or for the bride to share with her daughters some day!

Why should I use these instead of fresh?

  • No florist can absolutely guarantee that they can get you exactly the flowers and design you want the day of your wedding, if they do guarantee it, go to another florist!  You may describe one thing, and show them a picture, but the morning they go to pick up the flowers they simply may not be available; because they are fresh and things happen.  
  • With my bouquets you choose something already made, or order something custom and when it arrives you see exactly what you are carrying down the aisle.


  • To get an idea of costs for custom, go to the "available now" page and take a look at the prices to buy the already made bouquets.  All the bouquets are priced comparable to what a good florist would charge for a bouquet that will only last a couple of days and then would be tossed out.
  • A good rule of thumb to pricing is how many different stems of flowers and greenery do you want in your bouquet?  An open airy bouquet of three flowers and a ribbon will be much less then a densely packed bouquet.  

Can they travel?

  • They travel beautifully,  so are perfect for a destination wedding.  They are very durable and light and can gently and carefully be packed for a trip (they cannot be smashed flat in your suitcase though)

Flowers Wilt in Heat and Freeze in the Cold, do these?

  • These are perfect for outdoor weddings in the summer, they will not wilt.  They stay looking fresh the whole day, especially perfect for wreaths and crowns you wear.
  • They are perfect for an outdoor ski wedding, they won't freeze.  Snowflakes will only enhance them. 

What flowers and styles are available?

  • Take a look at what is available and ready to be shipped on the "available now" page of this website.
  • For something custom, tell us what you like on our site and we can create something with the same look and feel.  Keep in mind, just like fresh flowers everlasting flowers are seasonal.  While the most popular flowers are always available; like roses and orchids, some of the less common flowers may have to be substituted for something available.
  • Because you will see a photo of the finished product before it is shipped, you will know what you are getting.

What is the time frame for delivery?

  • That depends on what you want.  We will ship the "available now" within the week.  Custom orders take longer.  It depends what you want, but most orders can be shipped within a few weeks.  Then you will know exactly what you are going to have on your wedding day.  No Surprises!

These have the same look and feel as fresh but are sustainable and will last for years.  Sustainable and beautiful.