Wreaths, Garlands and Timeless Weddings

Do brides today realize how close they are to their sisters of Ancient Rome and Greece when they place a garland down the middle of the table at their reception, or weave a floral wreath in their hair before they walk down the aisle? Weddings have always been part of the tradition of celebrating the bounty and fertility of the earth and the cycle of life and the couple becomes part of that cycle.  Over time we have developed wonderful rituals and today, just like the Ancient Romans, we are including decorating the ceremony and celebration site with the same sort of beautiful garlands and wreaths. 


Garlands, as a part of the flower décor, are being requested by brides right now, and my Pinterest board titled: Wreaths and Crowns, is my most re-pinned board.  There is something so spontaneous, casual and free form about it all.  As if the bride and her attendants went out into a meadow and picked greens and flowers and wove them together, placed them on the table and wove them in their hair. We like the abundance of the garlands spilling off the table ends because in the old days that is probably exactly how it happened; if the rains have been good and the land bountiful then it was the perfect time to celebrate a couple’s union.  Greenery and flowers would have been gathered together to decorate the celebration, and to celebrate the fertility of the earth and the couple; to have enough children to help collect the bountiful harvest…and we aren’t really far from those ancestors, and their pagan fertility rituals.  We still want to have the flowers that represent abundance and the circle of life. 

I recently did a bridal show and designed a rich, flower filled garland to be placed down the middle of the rustic farm table, with a glittering cut crystal chandelier hung over the sparkling glasses, plates and cutlery, all supplied by Williams Party Rentals in San Jose.   

When you are planning your wedding flowers keep nature and her abundance in mind, but that we must take care and nurture our Mother Earth.  By using sustainable silk wreaths and garlands from www.DestinationBouquetByDorian.com you are doing both.  The silk floral wreath you choose to wear on your wedding day could be hung on the wall after the wedding, and then brought out again for a baptism or a young daughter’s celebration, to be worn as a reminder of joyous events past.

A garland can be hung along the walls at your wedding venue creating a beautiful backdrop for your event.  Then returned to be used again at another celebration, or the silk garland can be broken into floral sections to be divided by the wedding party and family members as a wonderful keepsake.  Either way we are honoring the brides and the ceremonies that have gone before us and the brides that will follow.

Best Regards, Dorian