Beautiful Wedding Venue! Good Marriage?

 Ten foot tall  vault doors  leading to some sort of coin stamping room!  Perfect to display the cake!

Ten foot tall vault doors leading to some sort of coin stamping room!  Perfect to display the cake!

Do you think where and what sort of wedding you have can make a difference to your marriage long-term?  About two years ago the Archbishop of Canterbury, as head of the Church of England, declared "Enough!  No more pompous, over the top, ridiculous wedding performances."  I believe it was a couple that used a trained owl to fly down from the rafters of some rented barn venue to deliver the ring to the groom that sent the Archbishop over the edge, or maybe he just saw one too many of the enormous hats the Brits wear to weddings ...what ever it was, I do agree.  Have a lovely wedding in a beautiful dress at a gorgeous place, have plenty of delicious food and drink, a cake and a second dessert, in a venue filled with lush and sustainable silk flowers that were designed and delivered by Destination Bouquet By Dorian. I really draw the line there though....and you know what i mean.  The traditional rules for what your wedding should be like were; make it as nice a party as your family has ever hosted, but in that same manner.  Otherwise it seems an insincere way to start a marriage and looks a little like an episode of "My Gypsy Wedding."

I thought of this Tuesday night when I went to a marvelous event for all the different wedding vendors in the Bay Area at the Mint, or the Old San Francisco Mint at 5th and Market in San Francisco.  It is a wonderful old building from 1874, and it survived the '06 quake and fire when nothing else around it did. It has the perfect patina of old age, nothing updated about it.  There are marble fireplaces in every beautifully proportioned room, tall ceilings and long tall windows frame great urban street views.  There is a stone courtyard and a long chandelier-filled corridor running through the middle of the building. Amazáe Events really was able to to make the venue shine like a polished old coin.   One definite perk, all your guests can park in the Mission Garage, kitty corner to the venue.  The means a lot in San Francisco.

I was struck what a wonderful wedding ceremony and party could be had there, and the atmosphere, because of the buildings age, would strike just the right note.  A place with a lot of beautiful elements, where people like to be, but underneath a strong old building that has stood the test of time; just like the couple that has made a long-tem commitment to a good marriage. 

Best Regards, Dorian