BEST WEDDING EVER..or, Yes I DO have a Princess Diana Bride Doll

To me the British Monarchy reached its zenith the morning Lady Diana married Prince Charles, 35 years ago next Friday the 29th.  I won't say happy anniversary since it was a sad situation after the wedding.  Nevertheless it is my favorite wedding of all time and yes when you come to visit us you will be stared at all night by the Princess Diana bride doll looking out of a cabinet in our guest room.  (We don't charge people to stay so stop complaining about how weird/creepy you think dolls are.)

Diana's wedding seemed to start off the still-going-strong streak of amazing weddings.  Her dress was a fabulous white silk taffeta froth, her veil was 25 feet long,  It was her bouquet that topped everything though; it was big and heavy, beautifully made and full of classic white flowers.  It looked flawless to me.  Those three elements, the dress, veil and bouquet just took everything else, including the glass coach, Saint Paul's Cathedral and Prince Charles, along for the ride.

I haven't looked at a picture of Diana's bouquet in awhile, and now as I do I realize it is dated.  No one really uses ivy now, and the bouquet has a smooth teardrop shape.  Todays bouquets  are all about interesting textures and non-symmetrical shapes.  We make a much freer and looser look, with the flowers used more naturally and usually left on the stems.  The way the stephanotis, the small white waxy blossoms, are all wired together to cascade down, that alone would have taken hours and hours of hand wiring and they look really stiff.  Today the same flowers could be left in the clusters they grow in creating a still formal but softer look.

When I was shopping for a bridal gown, long after Diana's wedding, they were still offering an exact copy of her dress, only in polyester and sewn really cheaply so that the seams and synthetic horsehair itched like the dickens when I tried it on.   I remember it was $125, one of the least expensive dresses available, and I wonder how many thousands they sold over the years.

With July 29th coming up I would love to re-create the same feeling of Diana's bouquet with the same roses, gardenia's, lily-of-the-valley and stephanotis, but in a current interpretation.  All right, I am taking the challenge.  I am working in high-quality silk flowers now and not fresh, but stay tuned and once I can gather the materials I will journal what I come up with.

Best Regards, Dorian

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